Ooh La La (Blake) Lively & Her “Inspirational” Quotes

Jun 17, 2011 By Amy

Seeing Blake Livey anywhere these days isn’t really a surprise; between her Chanel contract and her acting career, I really can’t escape her…not that I’m trying to. I actually like the way she dresses (sometimes) and

she’s one of those starlets that’s just fun to talk about because she’s all over the place. Having recently graced the cover of Glamour, we see Lively showing off some polka-dotted lace pieces while sharing some interesting advice. She dished to the mag about herself and hanging out with Florence Welch and they took her quotes and decided to emphasize some “wise words” alongside her editorial titled, “Oh la la, Blake!

So lets get some inspirational advice from the actress, who is quoted saying, “I joke that Paula Deen would be offended by how much butter I use!” and “It’s difficult to wear Louboutins and also freestyle rap.” I’m not sure which one I like better? Oh, Glamour you know how to make us laugh at with your strangely placed quotes…

See the full Lively editorial on MyFDB.
Professional Credits:
Terry Tsiolis Photographer
Anne Christensen Fashion Editor
Serge Normant Hair Stylist
Kristofer Buckle Makeup Artist
Mary Howard Set Designer
Libi Molnar Producer

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