Preppy Fight: Ralph Lauren vs Tommy Hilfiger

Jun 16, 2011 By Amy

Time for a flashback: Do you remember the way Carlton Banks danced and dressed on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Well, that’s pretty much my idea of preppy style (thank you TV). Personally, I dress the opposite wearing prints, bold colors, killer heels, etc. No topsiders or plaid for this girl, however I do covetnice collared shirts and well made basics… And with both Tommy Hilfiger & Ralph Lauren reigning over preppy style and competing with each other like it’s the nineties again, I’ve recently been taking another look at both of their ready-to-wear collections.

First Tommy Hilfiger, who’s “Prep World” pop-up shop has been on tour across the US, has been winning me over with their latest campaign and commercials, but not-so-much with their ‘supposedly’ brand new Tommy Girl line. However, their looks have amazing character and clearly the brand has come a long way since their red, white, and blue logo gear. Be sure to check out their recent S/S 2011 ad campaign on MyFDB.

On the other hand,Ralph Lauren‘s Polo collection has always been succinct in defining a classic, well-dressed casual look. Along with tennis, polo, and rugy, there’s also western influence through their brand extensions, but they have so many it’s actually hard to keep track of them (a negative). Just to name a few, there’s the Ralph Lauren Collection, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rugby RL…anyone else annoyed yet? The designer did give a stellar interview to Oprah about his career, but the topic mostly stayed on his western ranch.

Personally, I’d rather have the character and style of Hilfiger and find Lauren’s looks a bit stiff, but that’s part of the classiness he’s known for which I respect.

So I ask…

Which style do you prefer?

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  • GGGarth83

    True Prep: “Preppy White Boyz” and “Old Money Way” http://www.youtube.com/user/suburbanswagg

  • Guest

    This may be an old post, but I’d like to correct that the “Green Label” or Lauren by Ralph Lauren is just a licensed brand, and the products are not by the RL corporation. There’s also Black Label and Purple Label along with RLL. So yeah, even more to remember.



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