Pringle, No Not The Chip Silly…

Jun 20, 2011 By Vaneza

There’s something about the latest images for thePringle of Scotland campaign that I love. Shot byWalter Pfeiffer, the ads are a mix of high fashion meets fun meets tough. I love that the color palette for the majority of the shots is neutral which allows certain images to pop. Whether modelFreya Mavor is catching a ball or dramatically laying across the floor, she still manages to capture the camera’s attention while stylishly wearing the clothes.

The other shot that I like within the campaign is one of two male models play fighting…there’s something so silly about it yet fashionable because, well, is there anything more attractive than two well dressed men play fighting? What (or who) do you think they were play fighting over? Freya Mavor?

View the full campaign on MyFDB.

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