Rose Byrne, The Perfect Bridesmaid

Jun 18, 2011 By Amy

You probably know actress Rose Byrne better as Helen from the movie Bridesmaids, where she played a hoity-toity perfectionist. Thanks to her, I can’t get on an airplane without thinking about the scene where she ‘thoughtfully’ told Lillian not to think about Annie not sitting in first classand said, “Don’t worry, there’s much more of a sense of community in coach.

Byrne, who clearly isn’t like that in real life, shed her fancy attire and showed off her real down to earth self for Lucky magazine. I love her outfit combinations in the editorial perfectly titled,”With Charm to Spare,” especially her long red gown with black hat. She also mixes textures and prints with a playful feathered skirt and a navy blue striped top–casual, yet effortlessly tres chic!

I’ve yet to scramble eggs in one of my party dresses like Byrne does above, but her style makes me want to pair my fancier going-out clothes with my more casual attire. I’m just not going to do it while cooking, because that would end up being a hot mess for both my clothes and my kitchen.

See the full Lucky magazine editorial on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Patric Shaw Photographer
Eleanor Strauss Stylist
Harry Josh Hair Stylist
Ana Marie Rizzieri Makeup Artist
Jackie Saulsbery Manicurist

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