When a Model Models…With Herself

Jun 25, 2011 By Vaneza

Asglamourousasbeinga model sounds, I am sure it has it’s cons…Uncomfortableshoes, having to always watch your weight /looks while competing with a million other gorgeous people are just a few things I can think of..but at the same time, how awesome would it be to see a huge sized you on the side a abuildingas you drive down Sunset Boulevard?! Or if you are like the gorgeousBregje Heinen then you get to model with yourself, and yes I am being totally serious. The latest editorial in Elle UK features the model posing in rooms with large pictures of herself. Titled “Take My Breath Away” (odd, I know), the images are romantically pretty and sultry at the same time…although all jokes aside, the large photo of Bregje is way too distracting for me.

View the team behind the scene and the full editorial on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Karen Collins Photographer
Sasa Thomann Fashion Editor
Mark Daniel Bailey Hair Stylist
Liz Pugh Makeup Artist
Adam Slee Manicurist

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