Cotton Candy On A Roll

Jul 30, 2011 By Amy

Flushed pink cheeks and style that’s sweet as candy modelAnna Ilnytskayagoes uber girly for the latest issue ofMaterial Girl magazine and we love it! Shot by photographerAnja Frers,we catch Ilnyskaya in a sleuth of looks which are both feminine and risk-taking at the same time. This isn’t an easy feat, so major kudos to stylistChristine Bierhals! One of the most standout looks in the shoot is the one above where she’s rockin’ a lioness-like maine of red feathers.

This shoot is adorably titled, “Anna Cotton Candy Breeze” because the model is a breath of fresh, delicious air. Frers snaps her in an array of poses, but her rosey cheeks and casual bun up-do still stand out.
See the full editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Anja Frers Photographer
Christine Bierhals Stylist
Heiko Palach Hair Stylist
Heiko Palach Makeup Artist
Timo Pravitianos Hair Assistant
Timo Pravitianos Makeup Artist Assistant
Valentina d’Ettorre Retoucher

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