Diesel’s Floppy Hatted Fun At Berlin Fashion Week

Jul 11, 2011 By Amy

Bright orange, floppy hats, khaki, followed by a sleuth of denim pieces were all the rage at Diesel‘s spring 2012 womenswear show at Berlin Fashion Week. Taking the stage for the first time was new designer Heikki Salonen‘s designs for the brand. According to Diesel’s Stefano Rosso (remember when we chatted with him?), “fashion is becoming slower rather than faster.” This explains why the collection’s overall aesthetic carried a “back-to-basic approach.” Many of the pieces were on the more casual side with worn denim looks and loose fitting tops. The show ended with a transition from light to dark, when models went from sporting white denim to black fitted pieces.

Watch the full runway show below to see all the newest looks from Diesel.




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