Exclusive Interview: Hair Today With Alberto Guzman

Jul 27, 2011 By Vaneza

Yes, it takes a model and photographer to make a shoot fabulous but behind that perfect shot is a talented beauty team working their hardest. We recently got a chance to chat with hair stylist Alberto Guzman, who currently resides in New York City, read his interview below.

What inspired/made you want to become a hairstylist?
I always liked doing hair, when I was in high school I used to do my mother’s hair all the time. She was a make up artist and I was always amazed at how she would look so different depending on her hair and make up!
You were most recently in Miami for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim doing hair for Norma Kamali, what were the highlights of the event?
I did 1940′s hair and everyone seemed to love it and commented on it all day long. That was the highlight for me!

Are there any upcoming or exciting projects in the works?
I will be working for Target and Anne Klein which are two of my favorite clients.
Out of everyone you have worked with, who is the most memorable and why?
I must say that I loved working with Sonia Braga and Boy George, but my fondest memories are with Pink whom I worked with for three years and traveled the world with three times!
Do you have any secrets for maintaining a beautiful mane?
Eating properly and many models [have told me] aboutViviscal, hair vitamins.

What’s one hair trend you wish would go away?
Bi-levels are awful, but I wish the Kardashian hairdo would go away!
Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
Becoming a fashion hairstylist was amazing for me, I’ve been to places that I never would have otherwise. I’ve met people I never dreamed I would meet, if fashion is what you like, go for it!

Great advice! And thanks to Alberto for taking the time to chat with us!

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