Jessica Stam Gets Electrocuted

Jul 30, 2011 By Amy

Jessica Stam isn’t exactly electrocuted, although the dark shot of her below makes me think otherwise; she’s actually electric and tripped out. At least that’s how Russh magazine decided to title their latest editorial “Electric and Tripped Out. Take It or Leave It”and cover featuring the hot model. Within the 18 page spread, you get to see a range of Stam from playful and lively to raw and damaged.

Personally, I like to see Stam alive, but she portrays the dark side very well. How amazing is the contrast between her vivid image shown first compared to the shot of above? From a wide-eyed girl to eyes rolled back and bloody tears…Hmm….Do I smell a model on the cusp of turning actress? We’ll have to wait and see… Until then these shots by photographerWill Davidsonare stunning and the array of emotion shown is incredibly artistic.

See the full editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Will Davidson Photographer
Stevie Dance Fashion Editor
Shin Arima Hair Stylist
Chiho Omae Makeup Artist
Jochem Sanders Photographer Assistant
Scott Lyle Photographer Assistant
Clare Byrne Assistant Stylist
Jessica Mycock Assistant Stylist
Haesther Libbey Assistant Stylist
Rory McDonough Assistant Stylist
Mateusz Lilpop Producer


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