When A Tumble Takes You to the Top…

Jul 17, 2011 By Vaneza

A while ago we told you about the lovely Lindsey Wixson and the horrible tumble she took on Naomi Campell‘s runway and then shortly thereafter we presented to you our Model Moday, Katie Fogerty, who like Wixson, also ate it on the Prada runway a few seasons ago. Well, all this falling has got me thinking that it (not so secretly) leads models to some sort of weird success. Case in point, Fogerty has just landed the most recent cover of Flair and a pretty editorial to match.

Shot byNicolas Moore, Forgerty rocks red lips and a vintage looks. How Dorothy from “Wizard of Oz” are her white socks with red pumps!? Apparently, you can get back up after you fall…

Peep the team behind the scene and the full editorial on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Nicolas Moore Photographer
Stefanie Stein Casting
Dennis DeVoy Hair Stylist
Hung Vanngo Makeup Artist
Kiyo Okada Manicurist


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