When Dresses Attack In Floral Fields

Jul 24, 2011 By Amy

Upon first glance at the image above, what do you see? A flower? A model? A woman being eaten alive by her dress? I went with the latter, those ruffles look seriously out of control! In actuality, this image is part of an editorial titled, “In Bloom” from Dazed & Confused. I think the editorial should actually be called “When Floral Attacks,” because modelLisanne de Jongappears to have a hard time managing her outfits for the shoot. First of all, we can barely see her in most of the shots and secondly, she seems to be violently moving a dress or her arms… She’s not exactly taking it easy in the floral fields.

Attacking dresses aside, the color combinations in this shoot are amazing! PhotographerViviane Sassendid an amazing job lensing the movements of the fabric, each image in this shoot is visually stunning- like a work of art.

See the full editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Viviane Sassen Photographer
Katie Shillingford Stylist
Irena Ruben Hair Stylist
Irena Ruben Makeup Artist
Noel Loozen Photographer Assistant

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