Can You Say Ymre Stiekema?

Aug 1, 2011 By Vaneza

My parents, decided to name me Vanessa, but mix it up and replace the two ss’s for a ‘z’ which often leads to someone chopping up my name. When you’re a kid you want to fit in and be as “normal” as the next kid, or in my case, the next Vanessa and then you become an adult who wants to stand out… So over the past few years I have come to love my name and develop and appreication for one of a kind names.

And so I present to our Model Monday, whose name is one for the books:Ymre Stiekema.

Ymre was born in 1992 in The Netherlands and was the face of multiple Prada campaigns during 2008 and 2009. Since then, she has started to focus on more editorial work…Does she look familar? Maybe it’s because we recently wrote about her. Known for her jawline and perfect model mole above her lip, regardless of how you say her name…she is definitely one to watch!

Check out more of her work on MyFDB!

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