Hand Over Face: Ford vs Freida

Aug 23, 2011 By Amy

The ol’ “hand over face” is a pretty typical modeling pose that shifts focus to the eyes and gives the essence of mystery to any shot. This signature pose is easily recognizable in fashion shoots, but for a publication to use it twice in one year is odd. SurprisinglyInterview magazine selected smoldering shots of Tom Ford and Freida Pinto where they are both covering their faces for two of their 2011 covers.

What’s even more surprising is the images were both lensed by different photographers. For the mag’s August cover Freida sat down with famed duoMert AlasandMarcus Piggott. As for Ford, he posed forCraig McDeanfor the publication’s February 2011 cover.

So we ask…

Which "hand over face" shot do you prefer?

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