Kim Kardashian Burlesque Chicken to Bride

Aug 24, 2011 By Amy

Now that Kim Kardashian has tied the knot and she (and her ass) can settle down and eventually pop out a kid (pregnancy rumors continue to swirl) with her ball loving husband, I’m left wondering…Will the buxom babe continue to show her assets to the world now that she’s a married lady?The last thing I want to see is Kim K. on the cover of magazine revealing a fully prego belly (let’s leave that to the pros like Miranda Kerr). Although, I wonder if the newlywed will turn domestic? Could there be a Kardashian cookbook in the works? Oh, excuse me. I meant to spell that “Kookbook”, they are a K-centric family after all. (It’s all a little kooky if you ask me.)

Back in her single, err, dating days, Kim posed for fashion photogs and left nothing to the imagination (I think she likes the attention), so it’s time to celebrate (or make fun of) the Kardashian’s pre-wedding shoots.

Probably one of the most memorable Kim K. shoots is this silver painted shot for W magazine. Photographed by Mark Seliger you get to see all of the reality star (front and back), as she agreed to be completed naked and silvered for this editorial titled, “The Art of Reality“.

Then there’s the ad campaign for her namesake fragrance, where she’s just hanging around. I like to refer to this shot as a the “burlesque chicken” pose. Her furry arms are spread as she’s trying to be sexy with full lips, but you know balancing on that metal ring isn’t easy. By the way, since when has the word “voluptuous” been used to describe a scent?

Don’t forget about the Armenian-turned-Egyptian goddess shoot she did withHarper’sBazaar back in March. The Kardashian really does make a nice “Cleopatra With a K.” It really is a K-world and we just live in it.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to mention the really awkward shoot she did with Justin Bieber for Elle titled, “The Graduate“. This whole shoot is kind of creepy as Kim towers over the underageeenie meenie miny moe lover.

She might be known for her lady parts and reality TV antics, but I have a feeling this Kardashian wears the pants in her relationship (much like her mother) and we’ll continue “keeping up” with her assets on camera in the near future. Whether you like it or not, Kim doesn’t seem to be taking a break from the media anytime soon. If you’re not tired of her yet, you can view more of Kim on MyFDB.


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