Paris Hilton Is All Banged Up

Aug 8, 2011 By Vaneza

The last two times I wrote about Paris Hilton were rather hilarious… Remember her (trying to) seductively pose with an artichoke?Then there was that one time she became a journalist and interviewed Lil Wayne. Well now thanks to V magazine, things are only getting weirder because her latest editorial titled, “The Business of Being Paris” doesn’t even look like her…

Call me crazy and blame it on the bangs, heavy eye makeup or the weird lighting, but Paris Hilton looks more like a young Claudia Schifferand even that’s a stretch becausein some shots she even looks Asian to me.

What do you think?View the team behind the scene and the full editorial on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Daniele+Iango Photographer
Joanne Blades Stylist
Ayako Yoshimura Makeup Artist
Luigi Murenu Hair Stylist

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