SpiritHoods & Lucky Kids, Yes That’s Right

Aug 18, 2011 By Vaneza


I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud when I glanced the cover of Lucky Kids. First things first…Lucky Kids, is that really necessary? Hasn’t there been enough controversy surrounding kiddies as of late (see here and here if you don’t know what I’mreferringto). And then there’s the cherry on the top of this teeny tiny fashion disaster…the little boy is wearing some sort of “spirit hood” and given you know how I feel about these, it’s just not okay. What was stylistKatelyn Mooneythinking?

The rest of the issue is pretty hilarious…maybe because it’s all ads for kids in couture or because I just can’t seem to put the concept of high fashion and kiddies together? What can I say? I was raised as a Gap/OshKosh B’gosh kind of kid.

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  • Besidethefloor

    you are insane!



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