Justin Timberlake Blazes It Up

Sep 30, 2011 By Amy

He’s not smoking, but he is on fire! Justin Timerblake could just be the next big action movie star (at least that looks like his goal) thanks to his latest cover and editorial shoot with Esquire. Coming out blazing on the cover is Timberlake casually surrounded by flames…with an unlit match in his mouth.

The corresponding editorial shot byPerouis titled, “Go Ahead Set Him On Fire“, and the magazine does just that. Too bad the boy band star-turned solo act-turned actor doesn’t seem too bothered by the flames. Aiming for a little more comedy in the otherwise awkward shoot, Timberlake holds up a smoldering ball and with a quirky face attempts to blow out the fire. However, our favorite shot captures him running cheesy action movie style from a fiery explosion…with the same unlit match in his mouth.

This shoot has a great attention grabbing concept behind it, but falls short on execution. More comedic antics should’ve been a priority and next time please don’t make Timberlake (or anyone in that position) look so serious. Actually, the solution to this whole issue could’ve been to real flames, then we’d get some wild photos!

Judge the shoot for yourself and browse the full editorial on MyFDB.

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