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Sep 6, 2011 By Amy

Music and fashion are one of the greatest couples in the world and in celebration of their union we present to you The Vogue Vibes. The editor behind this must-read site is the lovely Lauren Valenti. For our

Lauren Valenti
longtime readers her name may ring a bell as she’s previously contributed to the MyFDBlog and we’re thrilled to announce she’ll be returning to help cover the organized chaos that is New York Fashion Week. Before she hits well-heeled fashion events get to know this New Yorker a little better.

How did you decide to start a blog? And where did the idea for its name come from?
My vision for The Vogue Vibes was born last September during New York Fashion Week during the Betsey Johnson S/S 2011 show. As her designs took to the catwalk, I was completely taken with the eclectic musical accompaniment. Whether it was The Beatles or LCD Soundsystem, I tried to take a mental note of each song so that I could compile my own play list. It then occurred to me that this is something I would love to do for every fashion show I attend. In my eyes, the runway music is an essential and should fit the show as the designs do the models! A fashion show’s music often goes unacknowledged by most areas of the press and I would love to be the person to bring it to the forefront and dissect the song selection.

Along with that concept came an even bigger realization about about the relationship between the two things I love most, fashion and music. Whether it was The Strokes playing Tommy Hilfiger‘s fashion week after-party at the Metropolitan Opera or legendary music/style icons such as Diana Ross or Mick Jagger, it seemed as if the fashion and music world were constantly colliding. Considering the blogosphere is completely over-saturated with your “run of the mill” fashion blogs, I knew that I had found a niche and that my knowledge of fashion and music would set me apart.

When it came time for me to decide on a name for my fashion and music website, I knew I’d have to find something which would encompass both themes. I decided on The Vogue Vibes for a few different reasons. Some people assume that “vogue” is in reference to Vogue magazine, however, while I do worship the bible of fashion, the word vogue on its own is truly dynamic. As an adjective, it means both fashionable and current, which is how I like to keep my site’s content! As a verb, to “vogue” or “vogueing” was a culture which fundamentally means to move to music in the style of models on the catwalk. Lastly, I’m an old soul of sorts and love to write about older styles of fashion and music to help bring them back “en vogue”. The term “vibes”, always makes me think “music” but is also defined as “the atmosphere of place as communicated to and felt by others.” In addition to the alliteration with “vogue”, the two words seemed to work in perfect harmony! Thus, The Vogue Vibes was born!


Are you a full-time blogger or can you tell us about your 9-5?
I am currently a student at The New School studying Media Studies and Journalism. I also work for a web development company which enabled me to design and build my website from scratch, as well as harness some very valuable social media techniques. Its kind of geeky but I have a perfectly optimized website which has done wonders for its success.

When I am not working or studying, I dedicate a substantial amount of time to my website and my two greatest passions, fashion and music of course! Whether it’s writing about either subjects, attending a fashion show, going to a concert, or conducting an interview, I am constantly seeking a good story for my site. Luckily, there is no shortage of material in New York City! It can definitely be tiring but nothing motivates you like doing what you love! The Vogue Vibes to help me segue into freelance writing for both fashion and music publications, as well as do some brand consulting. I am also working on honing in on my musical tastes to pursue DJing. In addition to admiring the craft for many years, the notion of setting my own soundtrack for a party or other occasion seems natural as I’m always concocting play lists and experimenting with different genres of music.

Please sum up your personal style in 5 words or less.
Rock n’ roll Brigitte Bardot

What is your perfect or ideal weekend like?
Thanks to New York City, I am fortunate to have many ” ideal” weekends as its basically a mecca of all things I love. I would like (hope) to have an early start each day alone at a cafe with an iced coffee, writing on my laptop, and reading a newspaper.�It would be awesome to eventually spend the afternoon shopping at boutiques or exploring one of the many weekend markets. I love going to flea markets to dig for rare gems whether it’s clothing, jewelry, vinyl records, or antiques. My favorite part about shopping is the hunt! During the evening I would love to start with a great dinner with family or friends and follow that with a party, concert, or some other NYC-happening!

�We’d love to go “hunting” with Lauren in NYC and I hope you’re looking forward to reading more from this fashion and music guru. Keep an eye out for her features on the MyFDBlog in the coming days and in the interim visit The Vogue Vibes and follower her adventures on Twitter @TheVogueVibes.

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