Adele & Her Bombshell Voice

Oct 11, 2011 By Amy

If you haven’t been emotionally touched by “Rolling In The Deep” or “Someone Like You” then you’re probably not human. I kid (sorta), but in all seriousness the power of singer Adele‘s voice has made a significant impact on the music industry and emotional females alike. This is why Vogue British anointed the vocal vixen a fall cover and editorial shot by Slve Sundsb.The focal points of the shoot are Adele’s big eyes and sensual brown locks.

The English beauty has become a role model and unlike annoying super skinny stars that don’t write their own songs, her raw talent and beauty make her that much much relatable. Adele’s international hit “Rolling in the Deep” was sparked by a brutal break up and her heartfelt relationship inspired songs pull emotional cords…something most women can relate to.

Sunsbo captured her natural beauty for Vogue and you can hear her lyrical beauty in the video below.Browse the full Adele editorial on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Slve Sundsb Photographer
Kate Phelan Fashion Editor
Samantha Hillerby Hair Stylist
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Artist
Anatole Rainey Manicurist
Andy Hillman Set Designer

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