Blogging Babe Behind “Eww, It’s Nikki!”

Oct 29, 2011 By Amy

Saying “ewww” doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. This weekend we’re hanging out with Nicolette Sison from the blog, “Eww It’s Nikki.” This fashion student has an awesomely eclectic style with a delicate edge, get to know our new stylish friend a little better in our Weekend Read feature below.

How did you decide to start a blog? And where did the idea for its name come from?
I basically started a blog without thinking how I wanted it to look like or even what the contents would be, I just wanted an outlet where I could write about my day or even express I felt freely without anyone judging me. As far as the name goes, EWWITSNIKKI has always been my account name for a few social networking sites, etc. and I didn’t want to have a bunch of accounts that have different names because I’m such a forgetful person. Even my passwords are all the same! Haha!

Are you a full-time blogger or can you tell us about your 9-5?
I won’t necessarily say that I’m “full-time” when it comes to blogging, because I don’t find it equivalent to an actual job. Rather, I’d say that blogging to me is almost like an escape where I could relax and share my insights & interest with those who are willing to share it with me. As for my “9-5,” I’m actually just a full time fashion merchandising student, as well as a freelance makeup artist and I’m also currently interning at a local boutique this semester.

Sum up your personal style in 5 words or less.
Eclectic, No particular genre.

What is your perfect or ideal weekend like?
I’m such a laid back person that I don’t even really like going out as much. I just love to bum out in my sweats, a huge t-shirt with my hair all scrunched up with a huge bag of baked jalapeno chips on my hand, while watching movies or even a marathon of Dexter, CSI or anything on the History Channel. And, if that doesn’t do it, I’d probably have to go with heading to LA to hang out with my boyfriend that I hardly get to see.

Turn your idea of “eww” around by checking out “Eww It’s Nikki” this weekend. For more from the blogger, you can visit her YouTube & Twitter pages.

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