Interview: Knitting Away With Suss Cousins

Oct 18, 2011 By Amy

Having been designing since a young girl and then running her own shop at just 19, Suss Cousins is no stranger to the design game. Known for her intricate knitwear, this creative mind has a thriving women’s line along with a business creating costume pieces for Hollywood’s hit films. With the weather getting chillier in Los Angeles, we recently got cozy with Cousins and her knitwear collection.

At just 19 you were already making a name for yourself with a boutique in Sweden. As a female designer, what prompted you to start creating and selling

knitwear for men?
When I had my store in Sweden, I designed and made men’s sweaters for my store. I have always been very inspired by men’s clothing. Even in the way I dress I am drawn to the detail, feeling and look of men’s. But when I moved to America, I started kids when I had my daughter and had a “kids” collection for many years. Then I started “women’s,” my women’s collection is very inspired by men’s and continue to be so. Eventually, I would love to expand to a men’s division in my company and to venture into “home” as a lifestyle.

Fast forward to your life in Los Angeles, how did the creation of your women’s knit line come about considering it isn’t exactly cold in Southern California?
I started it in New York City, we moved here to Hollywood because my husband is an actor. Doing different weights and t-shirts create a variety of items sellable all throughout the years and different seasons. Also we do wholesale so our items are shipped everywhere.

From The Matrix to The Grinch, you’ve worked on costume design projects for some exciting movies; which film projects have been your favorites thus far?
How the Grinch Stole Christmas, it was an 8 months project. I made 250 pieces for the movie and the people I worked with were amazing.

As someone who as lived all over the globe how do different cities inspire you creatively?
I guess I was born with a vivid mind. Everything inspires me! I love to create! To think of designing something new every day. Every city has a different vibe, I get inspired by textures, colors and the energy.

What are some staple knit pieces every woman should own?
One of my 2 ply cashmere wraps in black.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
To believe in yourself…..and not to be afraid to go for your vision, if it’s meant to be it will happen

Fantastic advice and a huge thank you to Suss Cousins for taking the time to talk to MyFDB. For more about her, please visit her official website.

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