Nicki Minaj’s Bleach Blond Bob

Oct 7, 2011 By Amy

Catching the camera’s attention with a golden blond bombshell wig singer, performer, and the normally crazy dressed Nicki Minaj tames it down (well, her version of tame) for Glamour magazine. In this “Darling Nicki” spread, Minaj shows off her fierceness (sans any food necklaces) with pieces she loves including booties, bold accessories, and the color red. The diva stays pretty serious in crimson and most of her shots, but she does throw her hands up in a thick striped orange and blue dress. Anyone else notice the comic book on the couch? Nice touch set designer,Jamie Dean. It was up to photographerFrederike Helwigto capture the rapper’s silly and serious sides.

What’s really funny is that you’d never guess Minaj had a spread dedicated to her in the October 2011 issue of Glamour. The magazine pulled A-listersDemi Moore,Alicia Keys, andJennifer Anistonfor the cover shot. No mention of Minaj…but that’s her! She’s always there to surprise you, with some wild outfit or, in this case, a bleach blond bob.

You can see more of Minaj, her bob, and the rest of this editorial on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Frederike Helwig Photographer
Maggie Mann Fashion Editor
Terrence Davidson Hair Stylist
Beth Fricke Manicurist
Jamie Dean Set Designer
Peter McClafferty Producer

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