Trick or Treat! October Covers Were Frightful & Delightful

Oct 31, 2011 By Amy

Happy Halloween readers! We felt today was the perfect time to bring forth this month’s frightful and fantastic covers. Given the theme of today’s holiday let’s start with the ghoulishly bad, then move to our sweet favorites.

Worst Covers

Seriously what was Esquire thinking when they decided to put Justin Timberlake around blazing wild flames? This is bad on so many levels.

Tavi is a pint sized fashion blogger, not a model and we’re not sure why L’Officiel insists putting her on their cover…again.

Glamour is all about sisterhood with Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys taking over. Unfortunately, the cover feels crowded and blah-oring (that’s when you mix blah and boring).

Gerard Butler is an amazing actor and a cool guy (he even goes to fashion week), but LA Confidential made him look lame, especially when they captured a shot of him laughing then included the phrase, “Hollywood’s sexiest leading man has the last laugh.” Yes, we get why you chose that photo now.

SorryRachel Weisz, your Lucky magazine cover appears to be extremely posed and you’re being overshadowed by “free stuff.”

We’re excitedMichelle Williams will be playing Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming film, we don’t love that this Vogue cover is basically an ad for the flick.

Best Covers

Seeing what Lady Gaga actually looks like on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar is refreshingly beautiful.

Packing a pink punch, Katy Perry rocked the cover of InStyle shot by Jenny Gage!

A new Olsen sister is becoming the apple of our fashion eye thanks to her Nylon cover. More Elizabeth Olsen please?

We adore seeing the face of a voice that’s always in our heads,Adele and her bombshell beauty elegantly swept the cover of Vogue British.

Meanwhile, GQ British featured the legendary Keith Richards and you can see the rock wisdom in his eyes.

Having more fun this time, we see Justin Timberlakealongside Amanda Seyfried go patriotic for the cover of W.


For better or worse, which covers left an impression on you this month?


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