Baptiste Giabiconi Jives On France’s Dancing With The Stars

Nov 3, 2011 By Amy

I don’t know what’s worse, that American hit show “Dancing With The Stars” has made it’s way to France or that model-muse-singer Baptiste Giabiconi is one of the “stars” dancing on it. It’s not that we purposely try to poke fun at Giabiconi on the MyFDBlog, it’s that he gives us all this material, so it’s really really hard not too. Lagerfeld’s muse puts on his jive shoes with dance partner Fauve Hautot for a tune by the Rembrandts, “I’ll Be There For You.” This song is known better as the “Friends” theme and the dance even starts out with the pair mimicking mimicking hanging out at Central Perk (that’s the coffee shop the gang frequented). Surprisingly, Baptiste is a pretty good dancer and tosses Hautot all over the place, girls in the audience are even chanting for him. His previous dance was a super sexy tango shown above. Too bad he didn’t bring out any of these moves for his own music video.

For a good laugh you can jive along with Baptiste below, his scores are also listed. Not bad, but not good. Hopefully he’ll continue to be on the show, so we can keep laughing enjoying his new dancing career.

Artistic Score:

A. Martines : 8/10
J.M. Généreux : 8/10
C. Marques : 7/10

Technique Score:

A. Martines : 6/10
J.M. Généreux : 6/10
C. Marques : 6/10

TOTAL : 41/60

(image via DWTS)

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