Charlotte Di Calypso’s Topless Winter

Nov 18, 2011 By Amy

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we have to give up the sizzling styles of summer, brights are always fun to incorporate into any wardrobe no matter the season. Of course, we all don’t need to lose our tops like modelCharlotte Di Calypsodid for this Vogue Brasil editorial titled, “Broto Legal“.

Shot byHenrique Gendre, Calypso is far from a shy model, but what’s cool about the shoot is that she’s rocking a scarf and a unique pair of spectacles in each shot. Since we learned how to perfectly style one during our interview with Sabina Les, this editorial seems ideal for the season. While we can’t all be topless or in bikini tops, we can at least enjoy being fashionably scarved this winter! It was stylistLuis Fiod, who found all the scarfs for this shoot and paired them playfully with attire that’s more suited for summer. Then again, this is Vogue Brasil and thanks to splendid weather they wear bikinis year ’round, so why not enjoy living vicariously through them?

Add some summer fun into your winter wardrobe by viewing the full editorial on MyFDB.


Professional Credits:

Henrique Gendre Photographer
Luis Fiod Stylist
Zeca Ziembik Producer
Deborah Aya Production Assistant
Eduardo Seemann Production Assistant
Henrique Martins Beauty
Murilo De Paula Makeup Artist Assistant
Thiago Auge Digital Services

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