Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo Had Anna Wintour Making Rice Paddies

Nov 7, 2011 By Amy

Fashion month week and Fashion’s Night Out are long gone for us in the states, but Japan’s Fashion’s Night Out was in full effect with all of the Vogue editors in attendance for the festivities in Tokyo. Over 400 retailers participated in the extravaganza, which is much akin to FNO across the globe with shopping parties and free flowing bubbly. There was a greater presence put on Japan for the evening as the goal was to reinvigorate the retail economy after the dreadful earthquake that shook the nation. Thankfully, the country is proving resilient and is, of course staying fashionable.

You may remember that picture we tweeted showing all of the Vogue editors in an awkward photo (they couldn’t even get seats for everybody?), the image marks a momentous occasion given it’s first photo of it’s kind. Having every Vogue editor present is rare, but we love to focus on “the Anna’s”, as in Anna Dello Russo and Anna Wintour. Both editors became stars for the night! Japanese fans trailed Wintour and her daughter, Bee Shaffer when they walked from store to store. Meanwhile, Dello Russo was busy dressing mannquins at Prada. Wintor didn’t let her have all the fun though because she pulled out a hammer and smashed up some rice cake paste at Theory. Pretty amazing!

Along with the Anna’s and other Vogue editors, Michael Kors, Jennifer Hudson, and more made appearances in support of the event. Of course there was another awkward school photo of everyone present for the official opening ceremonies in Tokyo.



[images via WWD]


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