Makeup Lessons with Hailey & Daphne

Nov 17, 2011 By Amy

Makeup went on overload for this Allure editorial featuring model crushesHailey ClausonandDaphne Groeneveld. Entitled, “Look Sharp” the girls appear uber seductive thanks to enormous pouty lips with exaggerated eyeshadow and mega cheek color. Makeup artistTom Pecheuxinvented four difference cosmetic looks for the shoot, which were captured byMario Testino. I’m surprised they didn’t mix up the poses more, because each shot feels a little too similar to the last. The pair are close together wearing fabulous clothes that we’re yearning to see more, but we get it…the focus is on the makeup.

The beauty takeaway from this editorial? More is more! Don’t be afraid of a bold lip or to emphasize your cheekbones. And of course, eye color is always welcome! Adding a playful element to the shoot, in each picture one of the girls is holding a beauty tool, which she’s ready to use on the other. Be sure to notice the syringe, teeth whitening laser, teeth cleaner, and some sort of refreshing mouth rinser. These girls may not have gone to dental school, but they do know how to pose beautifully.

Find some makeup inspiration by viewing the full “Look Sharp” editorial on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Mario Testino Photographer
Tom Pecheux Makeup Artist
Orlando Pita Hair Stylist
Gina Viviano Manicurist
Billie Doig Prop Stylist
Paul Cavaco Fashion Editor

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