Taylor Lautner Shows His “V” Card

Nov 4, 2011 By Amy

Okay, It’s not exactly his “v card”…more like his “V” cover. Twilight‘s teen wolf’s jawline was shot by Steven Klein for the fall cover of V Man magazine. Captured entirely in black & white, Taylor Lautnerappears very serious throughout the editorial titled, “The Idol” for the publication. His face and hair both have a reflective sheen to them and his cover image is incredibly striking. Lautner encompasses a more mature version of himself, rather than appearing like a high contrast popular star. Actually, “popular” is an understatement as there are girls who would literally fight, drive through walls, and sell all their possessions just for a chance to pet the wolf — that is if you’re Team Jacob. If you’re Team Edward, then you should click here.

It’s cool to see Lautner take on a more serious modeling role, considering the goal of most of his shoots is to get his shirt off. Sorry girls, Lautner’s abs are tucked away and his face is the focal point for this feature. However, we’re sure with the final Twilight film making its debut very soon, there will more more of Lautner and his abs circulating the web soon.

You can sink your teeth into Taylor Lautner’s “The Idol” shoot on MyFDB.





Professional Credits:

Steven Klein Photographer
Nicola Formichetti Stylist
Eugene Souleiman Hair Stylist
Regine Thorre Groomer
Dominick Sheldon Photographer Assistant
Nicolas Kern Photographer Assistant
Sebastian Mader Photographer Assistant
Justin Farkas Digital Technician
Brandon Maxwell Fashion Assistant
Hayley Pisaturo Fashion Assistant
Julien Alleyne Fashion Assistant
Nicole Rodrigues Fashion Assistant
Jessica Bobince Fashion Assistant
Tamara McNaughton Hair Assistant
Yoko Sato Hair Assistant
Kevin Kendrick Production Assistant
Christopher Stone Prop Stylist

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