Wear Your Woody With Toy Story Clothes

Nov 15, 2011 By Amy

If you needed anymore proof that designer collaborations are getting out of hand, then just take a look at Japanese clothing brand Bossini’s new Toy Story pop-up collection. The clothes, which would be fantastic for Halloween, are even weirder than the concept. Apparently, the Buzz Lightyear aliens are the biggest draw with an purple pocket dress and an oversized shirt dedicated to the out of this world creatures. On kids the pieces are adorable, but on adults they just have an awkward feel, or maybe I’m too uptight and need to walk around with an alien on my shirt to loosen up! Although, if you want to walk around with a giant Woody on your shirt, then go for it!

I guess this proves that Japanese style is literally more animated than it is out west.

For more visit Bossini’s official website.

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