Recap: ‘It’s a Brad, Brad World’ Starring Stylist Brad Goreski

Jan 3, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Brad Goreski Stylist

At last, stylist Brad Goreski has made his return to reality television with “It’s a Brad, Brad World.” Premiering last night on Bravo, we are welcomed along the ride for Brad’s journey into becoming a successful solo stylist and fashion editor, as well as get a peak into his personal life.

The premiere begins at Brad’s house with his boyfriend of 10 years, television writer and producer, Gary Janetti, who according to Brad has the most twisted sense of humor of anyone he knows. The two live in the Hollywood Hills with their two dogs, Jasper and Penelope. “For many years I was a sitcom wife,” Brad explains about his life with Janetti. He says that it’s like “the woman who’s gone back to work, and the husband’s a little bit, like, excited for her but also at the same time thinking like, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.”

Brad’s manager informs him that he’s in the running to style legendary actress, Diane Lane. He is currently running his freelance stylist business using his garage as a studio space, which he considers to be totally “low-budge” but necessary at this point in his career. He gets a call form the editorial director of Paper Magazine, Mickey Boardman, who discusses having Brad style an editorial according to his own in style, in other word, “models dressed as Brad’s.”

Brad Goreski Paper Magazine

When it comes time for the editorial shoot, Brad is over the moon with excitement but insistent on keeping his professionalism in check with a proper stylist’s assistant. In terms of styling, all of the looks were signature Brad, with his shawl-collar tuxedo jackets, bow-ties, pastel hues and perhaps, his most well-known staple, thick black-rimmed glasses. However, the look that stole the show was unquestionably the wild Givenchy leopard suit which Brad donned himself. Brad also playfully put on display his ability to pull off different, facial expressions for the camera. My personal favorites were over the shoulder, kitty cat, and just plain gorgeous.

At one point, the moment which many views were undoubtedly waiting for, Brad addresses his inimical split, with former boss and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. “We don’t speak to each other,” he said. “I would love to be able to speak with her. I have not seen the baby because I have not been invited.” Brad also admits that he knew it was going to be hard to break out on his own, but he didn’t think it would be this hard. The reality of being on his own and frustrations of the inconsistency in freelance work, seem to be Brad’s hardest obstacles at this point in his career. His feelings worsen when he gets the unfortunate news that the Diane Lane job has fallen through and she has went with another stylist.

However, just when Brad is starting to feel hopeless, he gets a call from his manager that he will be styling R&B artist, Keri Hilson, for the Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala, aka the Oscars of fashion, or in Brad’s words, “the motherf*cking Met Balllllllllllll!” When it comes time for the fitting, Brad and Hilson get along swimmingly and are insta-friends. Brad finds himself in familiar territory tailoring, “way up inside her tulle.” A place he later explains to Gary, he has been many times before. Brad and Hilson eventually settle on the Brad’s first choice of a gown, an Atelier Versace F/W 10 silver knit gown with eyelet details on the bodice, and naturally a full tulle skirt. Overall, styling Hilson was a breakthrough in Brad’s flourishing career.

Brad Goreski Keri Hilson

The episode concludes on the night of the Hot in Hollywood 2011 Party where Brad was chosen by Us Weekly as an honoree. To dress the part, Brad chooses a sequined Dolce and Gabbana blazer with equally embellished shoes. Gary on the other hand, opts for a less flashy look. According to Brad, he is “the JLo version of Gary.” At the party, while Brad takes to the red carpet, Gary opts to be out of the spotlight, where he often chooses to be.

After the party, Brad reflects on building the foundation for what will be the rest of his career. While Brad will be the first to tell you his personal celebrity is in fact the best advertisement for his styling career, he knows it’s not enough. After all, Brad says himself, “Looking cute does not pay the bills.”

Lauren Valenti is founder of fashion and music website,TheVogueVibes.com, as well as a Contributing Editor to the My Fashion Database.

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