Elle’s Editorial “The Seeker” Displays Southern Romanticism and Big City Style

Mar 22, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Elle’s whimsical and winsome editorial entitled “The Seeker” is the perfect marriage of setting and attitude. The vibe of the photo set is one of isolation and contemplative reflection as model Vlada Roslyakova lounges amongst seemingly mundane dilapidated surroundings. The goal of the shoot is to depict a hyper glamorous small-town girl using lavish pieces of the season in these unusual settings. Elle describes it as “Southern romanticism meet big city yearnings. Glamorous twists on staples- high-shine cowboy boots, louche blouses and jackets, chunky jewelry- will give small-town girls something to talk about.”

The photography has an interestingly spacious approach, showing her full figure in almost every shot against a large expanse of background. It is effective in showing a full look as opposed to creating focus on a specific piece or garment. One shot where Roslyakova sits in a metal folding chair against a painted starry background showcases the excellent pairing of her printed blouse with shiny, Marc Jacobs cowboy boot heels, cowboy inspired footwear being a motif of the editorial. The settings are quite varied- a roadside, a rustic wooden fence, a field, a playground, but all have cohesion in their dramatic, cinematic depiction of rural America.

“The Seeker” has a quality of not only fashion photography but has a narrative quality as well. It gives the sensation of a fashion concentration as well as the creation of a character. This small-town darling is probably the talk of the town as her big-city dreams have her sights set far away.

By: Sarah Humphries



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