Hunger Game’s Jennifer Lawrence: It Girl and Cover Girl

Apr 4, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Hunger Games leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence is definitely Hollywood’s current “it-girl.” On the heels of the wildly successful first Hunger Games film, Lawrence seems to be everywhere as she covers top Magazines such as Rolling Stone, UK and US Glamour, and Interview Germany. Even magazines such as Singapore Cosmopolitan and IO Donna are reusing photos of the actress for their covers to feature the red-hot starlet.  Described paradoxically on the cover of Rolling Stone as “America’s Kick-Ass Sweetheart,” Lawrence looks everything from sultry to sweet on the various covers. The actress’s versatility shines through in her ability to look tough in a white burnout top on the cover of Rolling Stone, or to sparkle in high fashion on the covers of Glamour. Due to Lawrence’s chameleonic qualities, we can expect to see her gorgeous visage in the spotlight and on our favorite magazine covers for a long time to come.


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