Alexander Wang Resort 2013

Jun 25, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

The king of effortless chic, Alexander Wang, has proved once again that silhouette and materials are truly the most important part of a flawless fashion collection.

His most recent Resort 2013 collection is highlighted by glossy leather, and slick alligator, amalgamated with lusciously thick matte fabrics. Muted tones prevail and the cool essence of this collection seems to make other, more frilly collections seem slightly ridiculous. Naturally for the designer, the importance was one innovative construction. The result was the creation a finished look of intrigue as well as refinement. Leather bodices, a motif of the collection work for resort because they often hit to reveal some skin and add a chic exposure to several looks. Of course there includes the innovation of clothing architecture that the company is known for. Truly architecture is the perfect word for the work as the pieces of each garment fit together in a faultlessly architected manner. Although thoughtfully crafted, the beauty shines in the minimalism and simplicity that the clothing exudes. In this Resort collection specifically, there is much attention to the back of many garments such as tops, pants, and dresses. The fabric pieces in the rear of garments often crosses over each other, hangs creatively, or reveals a peak of skin with a cutout.

The beauty of an Alexander Wang ensemble is that very piece of the look is essential in creating a unique silhouette as well as a captivating fashion concept. Beyond question, the glistening heeled boots are important to the overall aesthetic of each look as they ground the looks of monochrome white. The reflective footwear also brings another element of polished texture into the looks.

Although the clothes make a bold statement already, there is definitely something to be celebrated in the inspired presentation of the resort collection. Using levels to create height differences, and dynamic poses of the models- often leaning or stressing the ingenious cut of a garment, this resort photo set is quite different than others previously. Contrasting light in a muted space makes for the supreme environment for this sublime collection.

By: Sarah Humphries

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