Stella McCartney Throws a Gatsby-Style Garden Party

Jun 13, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Stella McCartney Garden Party

The romanticized garden party is all the rage thanks to The Great Gatsby fever and its fashion was evident throughout Stella McCartney’s Resort 2013 Collection, as well as its posh presentation.

Taking place at the 19th century Marble Cemetery nestled in the Lower East Side, the site was transformed from drab burial ground to one fit for a decadent garden affair. On hand was New Orleans eight-member ensemble, the Soul Rebel Brass Band, which serenaded partygoers with equal parts jazz and soul. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a McCartney event without a throng of stars, which included the fashionably adept set: Anne Hathaway (sporting her Les Misérables bob), Solange Knowles, and Greta Gerwig, as well as those with more of a penchant for comedy, such as Jim Carrey and Amy Poehler. The eclectic crowd was invited to practice croquet, sip fresh-squeezed lemonade, and nosh on black bean burgers from the strictly-vegetarian barbeque, as part of a carnival-like fair. Models donning the pastel collection topped their looks off with star-shaped glasses as they paraded around the party.

Stella McCartney Resort 2013
Perfect for anyone partial to vintage style, the understated glamour of ‘20s daywear was ever-present throughout this resort collection. The pastel palate consisted primarily of powdery blues, bright oranges, and fifty shades of yellow, with the occasional pops of stark black and white. Not to mention, the bold pops of floral and leopard which added a particular vibrancy to many of the designs.

In terms of shape, the collection seemed an homage to the ‘20s, the first era in fashion history where there wasn’t an emphasis on restricting shapewear, but rather loose and even slightly androgynous silhouettes. Instead of the cinched, corseted waist, the silhouettes tended to be drop-waist and geometrically straightforward. Oversized blazers draped over the shoulders, crisp-collared blouses, pleated skirts, fringed picnic dresses, as well as Spring-appropriate plaid & houndstooth suits, would surely have received a seal of approval from F. Scott and Zelda.

Stella McCartney Resort 2013

A nod to the ‘70s was also present in the form of bell bottomed trousers, sleek jumpsuits, and swing tops with a similar ‘20s roar. Standout looks included an ocelot shift coat, ethereal white sheer lace blouse and pants ensemble, and a crisp tie-neck white button-up beneath a floral patterned blazer, paired with white flaired trousers, with a side stripe – a tasteful take on this season’s dressed-up sweatpants trend. Despite referencing decades past in design, McCartney’s collection not only remained modern, but wearable for everyday women.

Stella McCartney Anne Hathaway

Designer Stella McCartney and Anne Hathaway

Stella McCartney Party

A model challenges the piñata

Solange Knowles Stella McCartney

Solange Knowles

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