catherine Maladrino lacoste
September 2nd, 2010 By: Amy

We covet Catherine Malandrino for her use of bold colors and international influence, so what happens when this French designer bats tails with luxury French sportswear line, Lacoste? A: a crocodillian-sized collaboration! The designer will be creating a Malandrino +…>>

Catherine Malandrino
June 18th, 2010 By: Amy

Obviously we’re big Catherine Malandrino fans atMyFDB, andher resort collection encompasses many oftheMalandrino details we’ve come tolove. Her latest looks were incollaboration with FFAWN (TheFoundation fortheAdvancement ofWomen Now) which was founded bysinger, Mary J. Blige, who strutted he runway alongside…>>

May 11th, 2010 By: Amy

Catherine Maladrino andKeisha Whitaker highlighting Malandrino’s S/S looks Thealways stunning, Catherine Malandrino threw aparty ather maison this past weekend incelebration ofher S/S 2010 looks. Along with hostess, Keisha Whitaker, Malandrino told theaudience her inspiration fortheseason came from international travels. With…>>



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