Kate Spade Valentine
February 9th, 2011 By: Vaneza

Call me “old fashioned” but I totally miss the days of paper valentines and candy hearts…now the romance of Valentine’s Day can easily be lost or replaced via Facebook chat or a quick text message. However, if you are like…>>

Victoria Beckham
January 10th, 2011 By: Vaneza

The old saying goes third times a charm but apparently the Beckham household is not sticking to that…It was announced yesterday that Victoria and David Beckham are set to expect their fourth child in the Summer! At the age of…>>

Gap's Reindeer Project
December 16th, 2010 By: Vaneza

Growing up, I was a total Gap kid! As a child, rarely was there a day when I didn’t rock one of their rad denim jackets or, even better, a floral patterned dress with socks and a hair scrunchy to…>>

Gap's Facebook Page
November 4th, 2010 By: Vaneza

Just recently we told our readers about Gap’s eco-friendly initiative but the brand seems to be doing even more…Yesterday Gap announced their new partnership with Facebook and the site’s “Places” app which lets users check into one of their stores.…>>



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