Painted Bird
April 27th, 2011 By: Vaneza

After my horrible experience at the Urban Outfitters sample sale a few weeks ago and my (failed) attempt to give up clothes shopping for 40 days during lent (hey, I made it about half way through). I now have a…>>

Le Pink & Co. Apothecary
March 23rd, 2011 By: Vaneza

If you know me, then you know I would much rather rock elf boots and an all black ensemble over any type of girly outfit. However, if there is one place that makes me want to throw on my favorite…>>

LA Mill Coffee
December 29th, 2010 By: Vaneza

It’s no secret that I love my coffee…without at least one cup in the morning, I am, well let’s just face it, a little (or extremely) dysfunctional. A few weeks ago, late on a week night, I met up with…>>



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