Nov 5, 2009

24 Hours: the Starck mix Soundwalk


Always one to fashion-forward, Philippe Starck has taken his eccentric approach to modern design and utility to the iPhone, this time in the form of what he descibes as a ”bespoke” mix of music, ambient sounds and voices entitled 24 Hours — the Starck mix Soundwalk. Upon playing the SoundWalk, you are taken to the exact time and ”space” of your current location. The user can scroll the time line forward or backward with a flick of the finger to experience the mix in another time zone. Shaking the iPhone will randomly place you anywhere in the aural Soundwalk.


There is a catch however, as with all things associated with time, this one’s is fleeting and will only be available from the iTunes store until Nov 10. For a limited period — 24 Hours is also also streamed on Wallpaper.com, Soundwalk.com and Starck.com

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