Chanel Channels Chinese Culture

Mar 25, 2010 By Amy

Inhonor ofChina’s Shanghai World Expo, Chanel created alimited-edition accessories line mirrored by Chinese culture. Theplayful anddetailed pieces will be available this May atChina’s Chanel boutiques. Thespecial collection includes aclassic Chinese takeout box styled toChanel perfection andChina doll earrings with those signature C’s we all know and love. Traditional Chanel handbags were replaced bybright andglittery sequined purses incolors inspired bythecountry. Ofcourse no Chinese accessory line is complete without astrong dragon andChanel brings fans agreen dragon with fine detailing. Thedragon is available inring, bracelet orbrooch form!

These Chinese folklore-inspired Chanel goodies are sure tobecome collectors items, so if you happen tobe inChina, you may want toconsidering purchasing alittle treasure foryourself.

[via Luxuo]

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