Mar 2, 2010

NYFW Winner Adara Meets Zoe Saldana & Hits The Runway!

Our New York Fashion Week contest was such a hit but there could only be one online winner and that was the lovely Adara! Her energy radiated throughout her fashion adventures from the Prabal Gurung runway show to meeting her inspiration Zoe Saldana. MyFDB got Adara ready for the day’s events by hooking her up with renowned stylist Blair, who helped her put together an A-list look. She was then whisked to Ricardo Rojas Studio for some major hair and makeup amazingness!

The beautiful Adara was sweet enough to share her personal experience with us and of course we had to pass it along to all of our readers:

“Prabal’s show was so fun, it was my first fashion show ever! His clothes are absolutely beautiful and wearable. My favorites were this cream strapless dress with ostrich feather detail and a black and red, one shouldered dress with this incredible pleating along the bust. It’s amazing how much he’s done in just a year or so, and you could tell how anticipated his collection was. There were so many buyers there and Anna Wintour herself came to watch, which is pretty exciting.”

“Meeting Zoe was incredible! I’m not really the type of person to freak out over celebrities, but I have admired her and her career since I was 12, so to meet her in person was totally surreal. We drove over to her hotel around 8 and I was shaking the whole time. My friend Ezra was with me and he kept talking but I didn’t hear half of what he was saying. Kevin, Ezra and I waited in the lobby for her to come down and I was so nervous and excited. Zoe was the nicest person, everything I expected her to be and more. She has so much personality and is so bouncy and excited. When she talked about Prabal you could tell how proud of him she was, as well as Keith (who was also so nice) [MyFDB's CEO] and how well MyFDB is doing. She said that when he started it was just him and two computers in the basement and now here he was at fashion week having this huge launch. The thing that I will hold closest to me is a piece of advice Zoe gave me as a young actor-model, and that was to trust myself and make conscious choices about the kind of work I want to do, even if it means turning things down. She was so fun and sweet, I wish she could just take me with her wherever she went.”

To get a sense of the excitement here’s a short video of Adara meeting Zoe shot by her friend Ezra.

“Probably the most pleasant surprise was how awesome Kevin Mills, the COO of MyFDB, is. I know how busy he was getting everything ready for the launch that day but he spent so much time with us. We ended up having some pretty amazing conversations about the business and following your passions and Zoe of course: ) I never once felt like I was being pitched to, we were just talking and laughing like normal people. That is so rare in this industry, and I think it really says a lot about the company.”

“Thank you so much MyFDB, I can’t even properly explain how much this day meant to me. Everyone should keep both eyes on this company. Its made up of some truly genuine people and I can only see it doing bigger and better things in the future!”

Awe!! Thank YOU Adara and we wish you the best in your future endeavors! Don’t feel bad if you didn’t win because new contests will be announced soon. Zoe can’t be the prize every time, but we will definitely have some treats coming up!

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