Meet Prada’s New Face: Rasa!

Mar 12, 2010 By Amy

Since MyFDB scours through thousands of credited images for our website we have our pulse on all the up and coming talent. Gorgeous doll-like model Rasa Zukauskaite has landed the role as the current face of Prada‘s ad campaigns. A luxury ad campaign is a big deal for a model at any caliber, but Zukauskaite was practically nowhere to be seen last year, so this makes her luxe debut even more exciting! She obviously had the right look the company was going for. We are totally loving the orange lips that pop throughout the ads. Strong lips are back in a big way! Brighter colors are a pleasant change from the dark lipstick trend. We’re thinking Zukauskaite will star in new editorials soon since she obviously has a blossoming career — Prada is just the beginning for this beauty.

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