Mar 19, 2010

Style Dilemma? There’s An App For That! (Part 1)

Since staying up to speed with fashion trends is hardly second nature to everyone, iPhone applications (apps) have become the first line of defense. Combine fashion uncertainty with technology and voila! – apps for the everyday lady with style on the brain. With high profile labels like Gucci and Ralph Lauren hopping on this bandwagon, the iPhone is morphing into a pivotal fashion tool.  Learn as we dive inside of some of the more noteworthy apps to decipher if they’re right for you.

Vogue Stylist — This new app delivers haute Vogue trends in an app format. From awesome ad campaigns to creating your own looks from statement pieces, the app is all about creativity. Vogue Stylist even gives users the option to shop directly from the app itself, so use with caution.

D & G Fashion Channel — The Dolce & Gabbana brand shines in this digital app that features news, fashion shows, and detailed visual images of all their garb. There’s also an international store locator, just in case you end up in Istanbul and are craving some D&G.
Chanel — Everything you’d expect from the brand: the rundown on their shows, news, and even a store locator. This app gives every girl a piece of Chanel. With basic navigational features the software delivers quality couture looks with vivid imagery.

Eliza Magazine ($0.99) — This is the ultimate shabby chic magazine featuring real women, real stories, and adorable fashions. Their app allows users to view the latest issue of the mag and sends alerts when new issues are available for purchase. Staying unique from other magazines and mag apps Eliza allows users to purchase back issues — so you can have your Eliza fix and read it too!

Nylon Magazine — The app isn’t a replacement for the vibrant magazine, but it does provide published articles, a strong beauty and fashion section topped off with Nylon TV videos via YouTube.

*All apps free unless otherwise noted

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