What Do You Need Recovery From? (Kiehl’s Contest)

Mar 30, 2010 By Amy

Between work, socializing and fashioning it’s no surprise that we’re always super busy over at the MyFDB headquarters. While we do stay caffeinated, staring at airbrushed models and fashion types all day has taught us what’s good for our appearances — it’s currently a new product from Kiehl’s Since 1851. We’re huge fans of the brand, which is favored by the industry. Their hair products were used in the cover shoots above for PAPER and Interview Magazines.

Their newest skin treat, a Midnight Recovery Concentrate, has taken over the interwebs and has sites buzzing about the product’s benefits. This powerful concentration is 99% naturally-derived and paraben-free. Kiehl’s chemists developed a powerhouse blend of active botanical and essential oils that work all night to replenish lipids for a fresher and more radiant appearance by morning.

You don’t have to take our word for it; we’re giving away this luxe product to TWO of our readers.


  • Comment on this post telling us what in your life you need recovery from & make it entertaining!
  • We’ll pick two of the best answers and send you a full size Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s.
  • Note: Your email is not published, but make sure to include it when leaving a comment because that’s how we’ll contact the lucky winners.


To be eligible you must be following @MyFDB on Twitter and fan us on Facebook. Yes, we do check.  The contest will end Monday April 5th at 12:00 noon PST. The winner will be notified via email. Open to US residents only. Thank you to Kiehl’s for providing the prize and for detailed product info visit their official website.


This contest is now closed. Congrats to our winners Chrissy and Lindsay! I hope you girls enjoy ‘recovering’ with your Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate!

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  • Gayle Watkins

    My adult son just moved out of the house – again – yesterday. I have been crying off and on ever since he left. He had been living on his own, working and going to college. He completed college and was unable to get a job in his field. So, he moved back in with mom and dad. Only thing is, we lived on the opposite coast. He lived with for a year, and was finally able to find a great job in his field. I am happy for him and his job opportunity. But, the job is back on the other coast!! Going through the empty nest thing multiple times for each child is hard! The stress and the crying is taking it’s toll on my skin.

  • Jean Parks

    I’ve been ill with the Shingles for the past 2 weeks, pain has altered the landscape of my face & made my skin care routine almost impossible. I need Kiehl’s to help heal me by working it’s magic overnight on my skin.

  • Kayte CookWatts

    I need recovery from wrestling the remote from my boyfriend. He just got a new 40′ Samsung TV, and sits in front of it transfixed.I guess I can consider myself lucky that he speaks occasionally.lol

  • https://www.ubervu.com/conversations/blog.myfdb.com/2010/03/what-do-you-need-recovery-from-kiehls-contest/ uberVU – social comments

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by myfdb: New GIVEAWAY from @KiehlsNYC – find out how to enter: https://ow.ly/1sMgx...

  • https://strangedayzeindeed.blogspot.com/ Debra P

    I need recovery from the constant barrage of information and media filling my head as my brain seeps out through my ears to form a mass of gray matter at my feet. Now I see why the wise men lived atop mountains ;-).

  • susan D

    Old Age!!!!!!!

  • susan D

    And my birthday is coming up dread….

  • Jess

    I need recovery from LA Fashion Week! I work a high stress job as a publicist, and recently was involved in the PR push for a show during LA Fashion Week. Long hours, fashion show meltdowns and crazy clients make for not-so-vibrant skin. Can you help a PR gal recover, myFDB?

  • https://- joanne

    I need recovery from stress, it’s leaving a roadmap across my forehead!

  • Kara

    Being a bunny enthusiast, I often take on their nocturnal habits which is not very kind to my complexion. Seeing as I wasn’t blessed with fur to cover the dark circles under my eyes, I need some help! Won’t someone think of the bunnies?

  • Kim

    I need recovery from being knocked down the steps by my dog!! xo

  • https://www.eliminatefullprice.com Jocelyn

    I need recovery from my messy room! I have clothes and make up scattered everywhere! :O

  • BellaBelle

    I need to recover from rejection…I’ve been turned down from a few graduate programs this past month. Believe me, it’s not fun. I’ve been super depressed and I’m not sure exactly what to do next. But you have to keep your chin up though, right? Que sara, sara.

    I’d love to try this product. Thanks for the giveaway!

    [email protected]

  • Jules

    I need to recover from the stress of job hunting! Also, once I get a job (as a nurse! WOOHOO!!!) I will need to recover from the day to day stress of crazy patients, rude doctors, and the downright disturbing things I will see! So as you can see, I will definitely need this!

  • Susan D

    Ok ill try again. I spent 72 hours straight watching Avatar without sleep and have bags and need some help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharontina Brightman

    I need recovery from twitter!!!!It’s not life thretening…but in a way it is!I cannot go a day without twitter…seriously.When I first joined I was on so much that my grades began slipping and everything…it’s just so amazing to be able to connect with so many people and celebrities.My life has been changed by twitter,I got in contact with Tyra Banks and she bought me to her show to meet her!Although twitter has done great things for me,it is very addictive and I NEED RECOVERY! create Twitterholics Twitnonymous(TT),I need help with this twitdiction!!I hope I can be recovered!;)

    Sharontina Brightman

  • https://seekingfood.blogspot.com jin

    I need recovery from eating out, going out to parties and not sleeping. My birthday is around the corner and I need to look healthier this year so I can start lying about my age.

  • Elisabeth

    My friend came into town and for four days and five nights all we did was recover… from her 30th birthday happening and her not being happy about it, to her impending divorce that she is also finally getting happy about. There was recovery, but it sure wasn’t the kind I need. Now Im really trying to recover, from her recovery. Its totally out of control how long it takes to recover at this point. Im still feeling it and its been three days since she left :(

  • carri

    EYE need recovery from…umm…my new job – working from home! i know, pooooor me! i haven’t left my pajamas or washed my hair in days. and i am now eating pb out of the jar. with a spoon. (for now.) other than hygiene, i am very productive!

  • Kammi

    I’m going through a lot of stress of no jobs due my arm injury on the job. I am trying to get another job and collecting unemployment benefits. I am also still going to the dr back and forth for my disabled arm. I grabbed my autism client from running away by using a weaker arm and it sprained soft tissue. The result is having a tenditsis. It happened last Nov and it is still hurting off and on. Stressful!!

  • Mindy

    Need recovery from allergies!

  • DGP

    I need recovery from my numb ass. Sitting on it all day is torture.

  • Kate Dunning

    My darlings at MyFDB, I need recovery like bees need honey. Let me pollinate your beautiful minds:

    Recuperating from allergy redness which roses upon my face
    Eloquently elevating the “natural” look w/every-other-day make-up
    Cutting my own hair, then cussing…continuously, causing wrinkles
    Owned by a 7-year-old ornery laptop & an “old school” flip-phone…causing oil on my brow
    Violating my vivacious blackheads, yes… violating them
    Eagerly embracing my bearded husband, exfoliating my lips and too often, my eyes
    Ravishing my face with spring sunshine, relishing my rebellious freckles
    Youthfully neglecting the nightly face-wash, yearning for a reason for routine care…

    Love, moi

  • Chrissy

    I need a recovery from my crazy manager at work who is not only the bossiest broad on the planet and demands that I make her coffee three times a day but she won’t SHUT IT. She has this sort of Paris Hilton meets Tommy Pickle voice and her voice makes my ears bleed. She’s always loud and boisterous and never lets me complete my assignments because she talks my ear off and sometimes what to stand up and walk out when she’s in midsentence. Who talks about their bowel movements in a professional atmosphere? SHE DOES! It seemed like a fun time at work at first but now I have to stay late to finish everything because she’s loca loca loca. help me pleasE! help me look pretty while enduring this pain.

  • Shannon

    After the past year I swear I’ve aged 10 years…from having filed bankruptcy, losing our house, losing our jobs, moving and job hunting I think we’ve experienced everything over the past year. I finally found a job but don’t like it at all but at least it is a job & have benefits again. The job is high stress though and people are always yelling at me but it is because I’m the messenger and bearer of the bad news. I love Kiehls but have had to scale back on what I spend on products so this would be wonderful to win and fight back the aging process on my face these days. Thanks at the chance!

  • Audrey H.

    I need to recover from the worry that my eldest adult child puts me through. I do beleive he’s given me all but one of the white hairs I have. He says I worry too much, and I do belive he’s right! :)

  • https://aik-friendsnfamily.blogspot.com Aik

    I need a recovery from my lazy president who throws me all her job and does nothing. She is demanding, bossy and insensitive about others’ feelings. (Well, she’s the boss…) I totally dislike her.

  • Danielle

    I need recovery from the fast pace of NYC! While it’s a wonderful place to live, it can be overwhelming, especially during rush hour. Today I was nearly knocked over while trying to get on the subway. UGH!

  • Kim

    I’ll need MAJOR recovery this weekend. Sunday April 4 at 8pm is the Red Sox home opener. I don’t have tickets to the game so basically what that means is that I will be standing in line from Saturday evening until the following night to get into the park, and that’s not even guaranteeing I’ll get in. So please take pity on me and my obsession with baseball season starting! Go Midnight Recovery Concentrate & GO SOX!!

  • MarciaF

    I need recovery from my mother. Nothing I do is right. Nothing I do is enough. I’m getting directives all the time on what I need to do and do THIS MINUTE. She’s 90 years old and I know she needs help but patience is a virtue that she hasn’t seemed to master in those 90 years. I’m expected to drop all plans to do her bidding. Plus what I do isn’t quite good enough. There’s always a criticism. “I don’t know why you used beer to marinate that brisket, I’d never use beer. Don’t use it again.” Then the next word out of her mouth is “Make sure I have a lot of leftovers because I need dinner for the next few days.” Um, I thought you didn’t like the brisket??? Luckily for me I don’t live with her. I love her dearly but not when she’s like this. I think Kiehls Midnight Recovery is just what I need for my getaway moments, even if those can only be achieved at midnight.

  • Patricia

    I need recovery from my Dad. I bring him to all his doctor appointments, shopping trips and errands. He loves to tell me I need to lose weight, and he reminds me several times weekly, that I will be diabetic, have glaucoma, get skin cancer, and also suffer from heart disease. I gently remind him that not all diseases are inherited. I hope upon hope, that as I age, my life and conversation don’t revolve around diseases, doctors, and medications!

  • cushycottage

    i need to recovery from my vacation. it was so fun shopping and going out all day long that i find going back to my 8-5 job extremely excruciating.

  • Lola

    I need a recovery from years (3) of not sleeping well! I sleep about 3 – 4 hours every day because I go to university and commute from an hour away AND now I hold a mandatory research job. I like what I do and I love my future! But I think my body hates me :(
    So I need my body to recover a little before I graduate from college and begin the rest of my life!

    As a student, I learned every little bit counts. This is a basic foundation of fashion and style :D

  • https://shrimpsaladcircus.blogspot.com Lindsay {Shrimp}

    Dearest darlings at MyFDB, I feel this is best answered with my daily schedule:

    - Stumble out of bed around dawn.
    - Trip over two cats – seems like twelve – no, make that twenty.
    - Feed them the cat food that I keep in the freezer b/c they figured out how to hack into the cupboard and ate a four pound bag in one night – didn’t end well.
    - Write grants for a few hours at my unpaid internship. Ohhhh, this economy…
    - Go home for two hours to crank out some last minute homework, write a blog post, and fix up the Etsy shop.
    - Late lunch. Wait, did I say lunch? What I meant was: Absentmindedly nom.nom.nom a handful of almonds, a pear, a piece of bread with melted cheese b/c the bag of chips is nothing but salty crumbs, and a soy iced chai with about three drops of chai because I haven’t grocery-shopped since Bush was in office.
    - Walk to class and realize halfway through that I forgot said homework. Headphones break.
    - Sit through four hours of public policy economics and program evaluation without falling asleep.
    - Walk home without any music. Contemplate buying new headphones but know that I’ll forget for at least two weeks.
    - Stay up until at least three A.M. pretending to study for the two tests I have next week but actually sneak and read my endless blog list, even though I’m the only one who’s gonna bust myself for slacking off.
    - Eat the last three crackers and the shriveled up tangerine from the crisper. Yeah – the crackers are in the crisper, too.
    - Engage in epic battles with the aforementioned twenty cats for the duration of the night.
    - Rinse and repeat.

    Do I at least win bonus points for the epic overshare?! ;)

  • sunchicka

    10 am Yoga and kickboxing call for early mornings huddled with a cup of tea, quickie breakfast of toast, loud ipod, and mad dash to the gym.

  • Lisa C

    I need to recover from working 6 nights in a row, while having my kids home on spring break. No sleep + too much coffee = complexion emergency. Please help!

  • https://www.primebeautyblog.net Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    On a serious note I am recovering from my Mothers death in December, I am also recovering from my daughter’s 5, count ‘em 5 years in college. She will graduate in May, yay! And on that note, I’m sure I will soon be recovering from her job search!

  • Paula P

    I’m 33 year old mom of two kids under four and constantly running around and working out, skateboarding, cleaning house and dealing with the emotions of the people around me. So sometimes it stresses me a bit and shows on my outer beauty.

  • https://www.twitter.com/pontowd Danielle Pontow

    I just lost my job in our local school. We are trying to make it on my husbands income. I have tried to start to live a very frugal life. I am the mother of three very active boys. They are wonderful but very expensive. They are not as excited about our frugal lifestyle. My 14 year old has the case of the “wants” of every electronic gizmo that is out there. My 12 year old eats me out of house and home. My 9 year old tries his best to have everything his big brothers have. Life is fun but hectic. I need a recovery from my beautiful, crazy, wonderful kids.

  • Catherine G.

    I need recovery from a long Holiday weekend full of baking and family obligations, a huge fight with my husband and a ton of crying. Also the shake ups at work including 2 more layoffs from my team, pay cuts, benefit cuts and the uncertainty that my job will be around for long.

  • meliss

    i need recovery form the crazy wedding party my friends threw this weekend! 2 nights of way too much drinking, fun, friends, fried food, and a great dance party that was like a Phish show, Grateful Dead show, and a Rolling Stones show all in one! Kiehls take me away!!

  • https://lifeonprint.wordpress.com Cindy H. @lifeonprint

    I need recovery help from entering all these contest! Talk about hard work! I feel like a zombie half the time, I am so addicted, I think I “sleep enter”! :P Forget about being addicted to alcohol, contest and giveaways are my drug of choice!

  • https://blog.myfdb.com/2010/04/happy-april-flirt-day-tweet-giveaway/ Flirt Cosmetics | April Fool’s Day | Contest | MyFDB.com

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