Playing Footsies With Fall Fashion

Apr 2, 2010 By Amy

Fashion trends always trickle down toyour feet. So what’s ontheagenda forfall 2010? Industry resource, Footwear News compiled top trends formen, women, andchildren. Forguys it’s all about chocolate browns andanurban cowboy style. Women will get tochoose from various textures like velvet, fur, andknits. Also, expect heels tohave asurplus ofsparkle onthem.

Oh and like it ornot, clogs are officially back, but theverdict is still out onif they’ll actually sell. Kids will be rocking short boots andanimal prints. Overall, it appears many trends that were invogue before have come full circle. It’ll be up toretailers toreport what styles are flying off theshelves andwhat looks hit thesale rack. Until then, we’ll remain focused onsummer sandals. If you want tosee what other trends are inforfall visit WWD, who has thefull report.

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