Why Project Runway Is Giving Heidi Klum The Blues

Apr 6, 2010 By Amy

TheApril issue ofMarie Claire features aradiant Heidi Klum inapastel blue dress that was created specially fortheshoot byProject Runway contestant Anthony Williams. Thedress was part oftheshow’s, “Marie Claire April Cover Challenge,” where fashion hopefuls had tocreate astunning cover look forthesuper model. Williams came out ontop with his blue wonder. Thefocal point ofthedress are thefolds inthefront, which start ontheright shoulder andbecome dramatized asthey descend. He won thechallenge anddidn’t have tosay Auf Wiedersehen tohis fellow contestants just yet. Although, fans will have towait andsee just how far Williams makes it intheseventh season ofthis beloved competition.

Marie Claire’s ‘TheMaking ofaCover Dress‘ editorial

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