To Retouch Or Not To Retouch? That Is The Question

May 10, 2010 By Amy

Retouching, now more than ever, is a hot button issue for the fashion industry. Some celebrities and models are choosing to go un-retouched for magazine editorials, while others have approved un-retouched images for release. Taking the topic to another level, new legal initiatives in France and the UK are requesting that retouched photos be labeled. While those initiatives will probably not turn into law, media awareness around the retouching subject has expanded.

“People are speaking about retouching more and more for good reason—because they’ve had enough,” Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, a reader in psychology at London Metropolitan University, told WWD . “There is study after study that shows women, when exposed to unrealistic images, feel bad about themselves. The objectification of the female form has gone so far that we’re not actually really objectifying it purely anymore. We’re objectifying a fantasy of the female form,” Papadopoulos continued.

Body image is another issue coinciding with retouching. We don’t think computer fixes will fully disappear, but perhaps it will be toned down and that’s why the industry has begun to embrace more full-figured models. Are they trying to create a more realistic representation of a magazine’s female audience? Possibly. Already staying ahead of this curve, supermodel Claudia Schiffer recently graced the cover of Elle French au natural. Also, hopping on this trend is Jessica Simpson on the May cover of Marie Claire with an un-retouched face.

This brings us to the question: Will more un-retouched and natural looks be in our magazine future?

[via WWD]

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