Marion Cotillard’s Tambourine Talents and Other Skills

Jun 22, 2010 By Amy

Actress and�Dior maven, Marion Cotillard covers the�July issue of�Vogue. She sat down with the�mag to�talk about her passions including acting, music, and�her true bohemian spirit. The�editorial that accompanies the�article reflects this artistic theme as�Cotillard poses with a�vintage camera for�photographer Mario Testino.

Marion Cotillard on�playing in�the�Expressionist-Surrealist band Yodelice fronted by�composer Mazim Nucci: �I�play the�bass guitar, keyboard, and�tambourine�I�m their one-woman band and�all-purpose maid,� Cotillard explains. She�s taken to�appearing with Yodelice on�tour, dressed as�a�man, under �Simone,� the�name of�her maternal grandmother. �It�s pretty refreshing to�be in�a�situation where the�spotlight is on�someone else.�

On�her Oscar winning portrayal of�Edith Piaf in�La Vie en Rose: When the�film was over, she couldn�t shake Piaf. Her hairline and�her eyebrows were still shaved. She fled with Canet to�Peru and�the�Amazon; she went to�Bora Bora with her best friend, Geraldine. �It was there that I�found myself articulating why Piaf was still living inside me. She had been abandoned as�a�child; her greatest fear was to�be alone. Now I�didn�t want to�abandon her. I�finally was able to�say, �She�s been dead for�40 years; it�s OK.��

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