Jun 4, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?

To many retailer’s surprise lot of women are embracing shorts this season. The short whether it be for a day at the beach, dinner, or a night out is versatile and comes in various fabrics and colors — perhaps that is part its draw? Although, we do realize they’re not flattering on everyone, WWD, got the scoop about shorts being all the rage with a strong return to retail.

Why are they big right now?

Commenting on the shorts phenomenon this season, Roseanne Morrison, fashion director of the Doneger Group, said she’s finding that “incredibly short” shorts are selling particularly well in denims that are vintage or destroyed. “White shorts have started to do well too,” she said. She observed the shorts trend started out really early this spring. “Everyone was wearing them with tights and leggings and boots, and it was a ‘buy-now, wear-now’ classification.”

When did this trend start?

“Down south, it starts to get warm March 1, our shorts business is very good. You have to have variety. It’s not just knee lengths,” said Kelly Bufano, president of merchandising and marketing at Belk Inc.

What shorts trends are in?

“We’re seeing a trend of bottoms, other than denim, that are hip and cool,” said Susan Davidson, chief executive officer of Scoop. She said women are wearing the dressy ones out a night. “I think it’s a replacement for the miniskirt.”

[via WWD]

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