Chanel’s Roar At Couture Week

Jul 8, 2010 By Amy

Chanel‘s fall couture show was ferocious — literally! Models walked amidst a gargantuan lion while showcasing the latest looks from Karl Lagerfeld. The Creative Director stuck to classic tweeds and fitted suits, but also threw in some loud patterns softened he softened with golden accents. We like how he was able to incorporate florals, patterns, and fur touches all in the same cohesive collection. As always, the collection (like the show) was a total crowd pleaser!

Oh, and the reason for the lion? I hear Coco Chanel was a Leo.

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  • https://simpleminds.wordpress.com jon-paul

    Just love what you folks are doing here! It really is rather like the best of the best – yet without being the best…yet!

    What’s wrong with placing the models’ names or agency of representation at the bottom of their photo’s?

    (1) We know who’s walking
    (2) We know who to look forward too and,
    (3) We believe that it is that kind of attention to detail and solving people to leave the site to find out who the bloody heck she is…that’s is what makes the best. This is just a suggestion!

    Kindest regards,




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