Miu Miu’s “IT” Dress Is The Mood Of The Month

Jul 23, 2010 By Amy

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this Miu Miu dress, which graced recent covers of Vogue British, W, and Elle UK. The dress obviously looked stunning on the runway, so editors were eager to pull it for their cover shoots. Of course, the odds of a Miu Miu dress (or any brand’s dress) landing three covers simultaneously is extremely rare.

This occurrence has left a lot of readers wondering, “How did this happen?” and ”How are cover looks chosen?” This sparked Elle UK‘s Editor-in-Chief, Lorraine Candy to explain how a dress goes from runway to cover sensation.

“We first see the look on the runway and note it down as a possible for a cover shoot. When we’re back in the office, we call it in and match it to the right star. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t shoot covers in sequence. If it fits the mood board concept of the cover shoot and the photographer likes it, we take it to the shoot along with a rail of potential clothes.”

“When we saw this Miu Miu dress on the runway in Paris we knew we had to have it for a cover this year and August, the first new season cover, seemed the perfect fit. It ticks all the boxes for an ELLE cover; it’s feminine and sexy but modern too. I love a playful element on a cover as it appeals to the ELLE reader who doesn’t take herself so seriously. A cover dress should inspire you with the mood of the month and this one does.”

Voila….an ”IT” dress is born!

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